Some Home Remedies for Sore Throat

One of the annoying things is when the food is so good to pass. And you have a sore throat or have difficulty swallowing. It’s torture that you can’t enjoy certain foods because of it.

Sore throat, in general, is a viral infection and normally. This goes away in just a few days. But the problem with it is the discomfort during the duration of the infection. Besides the over-the-counter medicine & doctor’s prescription. There are also other ways, to have more affordable at-home remedies that you can try. Especially for those times when you just can’t get out of the house or looking for some alternatives.

1. Honey

– One of the characteristics of honey is the lack of moisture. The absence of moisture makes it difficult for viruses or bacteria to thrive or grow. Lending to its anti-microbial properties. Mixed it with tea for a more soothing sensation or you can just eat it with at least a teaspoon. But take note, small kids, toddlers, and even infants aren’t allowed to ingest honey, because it still contains microbes that make it difficult for them to fight off as compared to adults.

2. Saltwater gargle wash

- if you are not a big fan of those very bitter gargle wash. Especially those with alcohol that can sting quite a bit. At-home remedies like plain salt (half a teaspoon), and warm water can be an alternative solution. Saltwater or salt in general loves water. It can hold on to water and when you gargle saltwater, it also pulls water out of the cells or tissues. Thus, pulling some microbes that are present in your throat or cheeks.

3. Drink Plenty of Fluids

- Fluids, especially water, are not sugary drinks like sodas and fruit juices that are loaded with sugar. Fluids like water, tea, or broth. Can help offer some relief and nutrition (in the case of broths or soups). Since in some cases where it is difficult to chew and swallow food. In addition, you also get some nutrition.

4. Lozenges or Soothing candy

- Lozenges promote the production of saliva. As you continue to suck the lozenges, the medicine or medication that is incorporated is released. Some have menthol, some have even non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Which can provide some temporary relief, until such time, the infection goes away.

5. Take some Rest 

- Resting like going to bed early or just relaxing helps put your body into a state of ideal repair.

Take away, if the pain or discomfort persists, it is better to seek a board-certified Physician. For he or she can better prescribe or give a solution to your health-related problems or concerns.