How to Incorporate Citrus Fruits Into Your Diet

Introduction :

The sight of brightly colored citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and grapefruits can truly add a pop of color to your kitchen. Not only that they are fragrant and pretty to look at. But they are also rich in essential vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, and phosphorus. Just to name a few. All of which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on the body. Yes, they are good to be eaten as it is. But they are also a powerhouse in the culinary world.

That’s why here are some ways to incorporate citrus fruits into your diet.

1. Add them to your water or tea. Yes, both hot and cold. -

One way to enjoy that citrus flavor is by incorporating them in your tea or just your typical water. Much better if it's a little bit hot. Lemon or any citrus slice can be a great way to wake you up.

2. Add a little bit of tangy layer to your sauces -

adding a squeeze or a tbsp. Or how much you prefer. For that depth of flavor. Make your sauces stand out and bring out or enhance other flavors present in your sauce.

3. Squeeze a slice of lemon on baked dishes -

like fish, chicken, or pork. - one way to enjoy your meats, is to also add a squeeze of lemon or lime. The acid cuts down the richness of the flavor a little bit. Toning down the richness.

4. Add a level of aroma to alcoholic drinks. -

The aromatics present in the skin (lemon peel for example), can help enhance the sensory experience. Also, the citric acid, present in citrus fruits can somewhat hide the smell of alcohol. It brings warm punch to winter and fall drinks, and lightness to breezy summer cocktails.

5. Spice up your pasta. -

Add some citrus zest as a garnish, making it a little bit tangier and more fragrant to any pasta dish.