Georgette De Jesus, MD

Georgette De Jesus, MD

Georgette De Jesus, MD, is a child, adolescent and adult Psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience in medicine, nutrition and nutraceutical use

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What happens when a holistic functional medical doctor gets together with his finicky exacting lawyer friend to discuss the negative effects of stress, fatigue, and wellness in society and on a personal level? No, not your typical doctor, lawyer, priest joke; but rather a sincere discussion of how they could positively impact their health/wellness/fitness and those looking to level-up
As was typical for their relationship, the exacting finicky lawyer says nothing works for me and others I know, to which the doctor responds, you are not consuming the right and best vitamins and supplements. And of course, the lawyer says there is far too much misinformation as to what to take, when to take it, and what company to trust and recommend. To the lawyer’s surprise, his doctor friend agreed! They decided to put their money where their mouth was to source ingredients which are required to optimize performance in a research-driven, ethical, sustainable and natural way so as to achieve balance. ACHV BALANCE was founded to help you live your life to the fullest with products which are best in class that a doctor would and does prescribe/take and his finicky lawyer friend can confidently take/recommend. Join us on our journey to improve our and your health to find balance. Because when life is out of balance, you can’t be your best self or live your life to the fullest. How do you ACHV BALANCE?


Experience unparalleled results with our cutting-edge formula, meticulously engineered to boost your physical and mental prowess, ensuring you consistently conquer your personal and professional goals.

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