Conventional Ways of Cooking Without using cooking oil


Let’s face it. We love fried foods. French fries, fried chicken. How about baked macaroni or just the humble fried bacon and eggs? When it comes to the modern human diet. Using oil to help food not stick to pans, and to cook food has become a convenience. That we can’t imagine cooking without it.

Avoiding the use of oils, can help in weight loss and reduce unnecessary calories that come when using oils.
But surprisingly enough. It’s possible to cook without using any oils. Here are a few tips and techniques that you can do to;

1. Invest in equipment

-like nonstick pans. Like those lines with Teflon. And appliances like air fryers. These types of equipment are a great way to reduce the usage of oil.
2. Steam your food

-Whether you use an electric steamer or just the conventional method of using a steamer basket. The hot steam cooks your food but also reduces the chance of pulling out the moisture. So, your food stays cooked and moist.
3. Baking without any oils.

- Instead of using cooking sprays. An alternative to using oils is using parchment paper - which can tolerate high temp. If you are worried about any loss in moisture. Try drizzling or pouring a little vegetable broth (before cooking) and/or lime or lemon after.

4. For when you don’t have sauce

 - try the plant-based approach. Oils are a staple when it comes to salad dressings and making sauces. But how about using beans and peanuts as the substitute - just put them in the food processor. While they can contain a small amount of oil. But this reduces the chance of adding additional oil into the sauce.