How to Incorporate carbohydrates into your diet.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. They are the type of macronutrients that are found in foods that contain starches, fiber, and carbohydrates. Glucose is the nutrient that our body needs to fuel our organs and of course, our day-to-day activities.

According to FDA. The amount recommended should be around 45% to 46% of the total calories, which is in the form of carbohydrates consumed per day.

The problem with carbohydrates, while they are essential to keeping our body has enough energy. It's the main source or where they are coming from, becomes a problem. Here are some things to consider to make your carbohydrate intake, a little bit healthier.

1. Be careful with the source.

- Some of the not-so-healthy sources of carbohydrates are found in refined or highly processed foods like white bread, baked goods, carbonated & heavily sugared drinks like soda. They contain the easiest form of easily digested carbohydrates. They can have an immediate effect when it comes to your glucose levels, leading to sugar spikes and prolonged consumption - weight gain.

2. Whole grain all the way.

- The reason why white bread vs. Whole bread is the presence of other nutrients. In this case, fiber. A complex carbohydrate ( fruits and vegetables) that helps regulate and delay the release of glucose in the body. Reducing the chance of “sugar spike”. Or the rapid increase of blood sugar levels in the body. They are also indigestible (we don’t have the enzyme for it), - Example: beans and legumes, fruits like oranges and grapes. Nuts and vegetables like corn, carrots, and broccoli are also rich in fiber.

3. Look away beyond the grocery aisle.

- Don’t limit your carbohydrates to just whole grain bread. Try also consuming fruits and vegetables. And If you want an alternative to potatoes, then beans and legumes are a great option.

4. Increase consumption of other sources of nutrition.

- Some experts switch to diets that are low in carbs and more on protein. Especially for those who are trying to lose weight.