Things you can do, to boost your immune system

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Just so you know, you are one irresistible fella, at least from a bacteria’s perspective. Each and everyone of us are covered with diverse group microorganisms (skin’s microflora) that are for the most part harmless. In fact, some of them are proven to be beneficial. Keeping the good ones in, the bad ones out. But oftentimes, things happen, like we get sick, get a cut or injured. Which makes this a perfect opportunity for an invasion for a lot of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. You are an all you can eat, buffet and apartment in one.
So in order, to still keep you alive further, our body also has its internal defense force, called the immune system. Constantly engaged in an epic battle royale. Think of it as your own personal soldier, always ready to defend their castle (which is you), and keep your body’s resources intact. But of course, a castle and its workers is only as strong as its foundation. In this case, what you do and how you manage your body.

So here’s are some things that you can do to further strengthen your body’s immune system.
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1. Proper Nutrition - Nutrition plays a key role in keeping you alive. Especially on maintaining immunity. Our body can’t produce these macro (carbohydrates and proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). And a lot of these nutrients are the bases for the production of various immune cells in the body. An example. Glucose from carbohydrates provides the energy for cells to function. In this case produce immune cells. Having the right level of glucose in the body can allow cells to function and perform optimally.
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2. Get Some Sleep - Specifically good and well rested sleep is not just beneficial for your well being for your mental state, but also your immune system as well. Normal sleep and circadian rhythm have been shown to have an increase in immunological memory among the body’s immune cells. Meaning, with enough sleep, your immune cells can recognize threats easily.
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3. Get Some Exercise - Getting some movement going, like getting an exercise keeps your blood pumping and helps move a lot of blood and fluid all around the body. By getting some good exercise, you are introducing minute damages to your body, especially to your muscles. These minute injuries make your body help build up strength. Contributing to your general good health.
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4. Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. - While it may not affect your immunity directly, staying hydrated (drinking plenty of water), can have a profound effect on your body. Having enough water in your system allows for efficient distribution of essential nutrients, minerals and especially oxygen. Through the body’s circulatory system by blood, and guess what?, your blood is mostly made up of water. Not only does water allow your body to stay hydrated, water also serves as a base for some of your body’s other biological processes. It helps clear out toxins, increase lymphatic drainage, and protect your gut against some digestive issues.

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5. Get Vaccinated - Vaccines are probably one of humanity's greatest contributions to science. Because of vaccines, a lot of people are able to live longer, completely reducing the number of deaths to some of the deadliest diseases in the world. Vaccines work like training wheels for your body’s immune system. By introducing DNA/mRNA or a weakened virus. It imitates the actual infection from the virus allowing your body to make antibodies. So when the time comes for the actual infection happens. Your body’s immune response isn’t as severe as compared to the one’s who didn’t get the vaccine.