Some Health Benefits of Soy Sauce

A History Of Soy Sauce In 1 Minute
When it comes to sauces, one of the most iconic sauces, especially in Asian cuisine is soy sauce. Used for dipping (sushi & sashimi), and dumplings for example. It’s also a staple ingredients for some other sauces and also to add flavor and color to many dishes. More so in the East and less on the West.

In general, soy sauce is made from fermented soy beans and wheat.It can be made in a variety of ways, resulting in substantial differences in flavor and texture, as well as health risks in the long run.

So, how can we healthily consume soy sauce and what are some of its benefits?
Health Benefits of Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce
Possible Benefits of Soy Sauce.

1. Reduce risk Heart Disease and promotes bone health - One of the nutrients Isoflavones may be more important in diabetic diets. Regular consumption of soy protein may assist to minimize symptoms associated with Type 2 diabetes. The consumption of soy protein has been linked to helping reduce the chances of the stiffening of the arteries, lowering of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) - the bad cholesterol and increasing HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) - The good cholesterol. Thus increasing the chances in the reduction of heart or artery related diseases.

2. May help promote bone health - The disease called Osteoporosis can cause the bones to become porous and brittle. Due to the loss of calcium and other essential minerals in the body. But when it comes bone health and its relation to soy food. The consumption of soy products may help increase the levels of essential minerals in the body. All thanks to the presence of isoflavones diadzein & genistein. Which is helps prevent or inhibit bine resorption.

3. Help promotes gut health & digestion - probiotics can also be found in soy sauce, which can help promote gut health. Due to the good bacteria present. In addition to increase gastric juice production.
High blood pressure: Reducing soy sauce in your diet will help to reduce  your risk |
Some Health Risks to take note.

1. Be aware of its sodium - Soy sauce is abundant in sodium, often known as salt, which is an important nutrient for your body's healthy functioning. High sodium intake, on the other hand, has been related to high blood pressure, especially in salt-sensitive people, and may raise the risk of heart disease and other disorders like stomach cancer..

2. Be aware for people with celiac disease. Soy sauce contains gluten and wheat. - While it may degrade during the fermentation process. It is still best to steer clear. So if you have wheat and/or gluten allergies. Like those with celiac disease. Be careful and look into the ingredients list of any soy products, especially soy sauce.