How to stay a little bit healthy, while in the office?

Tips for living a healthy lifestyle in the workplace
Unless, your work requires doing some fieldwork, where you get to do some exercise, have a little bit of time to stretch your body. But a majority of us are stuck in the office. Eight to nine hours in front of the computer, neck tension, eye strain and all. What’s worse, over time these can take a toll on the body. In addition to unhealthy snacking in between. So how can you be healthy while in the office?
Five Ways to Stay Healthy While Working — Office Worker Health
1. Bring your meal or lunch. - It’s easy to revert to unhealthy snacking, especially when there is a vending machine nearby? Eating sensibly also means planning your meals. One of which is to bring your food. Instead of eating out during lunch, try cooking some of it at home. Eat a good-filling breakfast, loaded with fruits and vegetables. If that’s not possible, then try bringing it to lunch. And during breaks, instead of indulging in chips & chocolates. How about frozen berries or baby carrots as an alternative?
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2. Stay hydrated - When you are in work mode, it’s easy to lose track of how much water we intake. With the air conditioning that can dry out your skin, and staring at the monitor for a very long time. It’s important to stay hydrated to help reduce the feeling of sluggishness. Keeping your body hydrated, can help you focus more.
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3. Take note of your position - The posture can make or break your mood. Prolonged periods of maintaining improper posture, can take a toll on your neck, spine, and shoulders. Improper posture can cause tension neck syndrome.
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4. Take frequent breaks - this includes bathroom breaks and walking outside. Frequent breaks or taking a break once in a while throughout the day can help destress your body and mind. Maybe do some shut-eye or naps for at least 15 mins, remove yourself from staring at the monitor for so long, and lastly do some light stretching.
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5. Avoid distractions - This includes cleaning your desk. - If you are someone that gets easily distracted, even just by sitting at your desk. Then try to remove them first, before doing the work. And one of which is having a clean desk. Clutter can affect someone's productivity, by serving as a distraction.