Healthy Food for Healthy Teeth and gums

What you eat can not only reveal what you are but can also reveal what’s in your mouth. Because believe it or not, when you eat, you aren’t just feeding your cells with whatever nutrients you put in your body but also the millions of bacteria scattered in the different parts of your body. Both the inside and outside. This is true of the many bacteria that are found inside your mouth. When you are fond of eating sugary foods (which they love), once it comes into contact with plaque, then that area becomes acidic. Repeated exposure to these acids can cause tooth decay and can sooner lead to inflammation. So here are some things that you can do to help reduce your chances of tooth decay, provided you brush your teeth twice a day, and of course flossing:

1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

- Fiber not only is good for your teeth, think of it as a mechanical tool that can help remove food debris stuck in your mouth. They are also great for reducing the chances of acidity from sugary foods through various minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are present. It also reduces and restores the damaging effects of the acidic environment, by replenishing lost minerals in your teeth.
2. Stay hydrated

- It is simple. Drinking water helps wash away food debris that can cause plaque and tooth decay.
3. Dairy products -

they help the build-up of essential minerals needed by your teeth, through the presence of calcium and phosphates. They can also encourage the growth of good bacteria.
4. Raw foods -

Root Vegetables like garlic, onions, and ginger have anti-bacterial properties. So try tossing them on your salads for that added benefit from other fiber from other vegetables. But of course, make sure to brush your teeth afterward.
5. Chewing gum -

It helps clean the different crevices in your teeth and gums. But make sure to choose sugar-free.