What are some foods that are good sources of Iron?

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A very reactive chemical, Iron is both an essential nutrient in the body. Iron serves as an important part in helping deliver oxygen to the body through different parts of cells in the body. At the same time making one. That’s why a deficiency in iron can often lead to Iron deficiency anemia. Enough supply in the body can help your body perform much of its biochemical processes but too much accumulation can also become a potential toxicant to cells.

So here some foods that can help you get that iron that your body needs:

1. Animal source - meat as a myoglobin. One of the main proteins that are found in the muscle tissue. Red meat contains large amounts of “heme iron” which are readily absorbed, when compared to white meat like chicken. Among the red meat , beef has the highest amount of myoglobin per gram of fresh meat, when compared to mutton, poultry and rabbit meat.
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1. Lean Beef

2. Pork

3. Chicken

4. Goat

5. Liver ( not during pregnancy - because of the presence of vitamin A which can lead to birth defects.)

2. Non - animal source - unlike heme iron, which is readily absorbed by the body, there is also “nonheme iron” which is found mainly in vegetables and dairy or milk products, they are not as readily absorbed by the body. But nonetheless, they are still a great source of protein, especially for people who are on a vegan or vegetarian diet/lifestyle.
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1. Beans

2. lentils

3. Tofu

4. Potatoes

5. Nuts like peanuts, cashews and pecans

6. Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale

7. Cereals & whole grain breads

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Take Note, before getting into any dietary changes, its better to at least seek or consult a board certified physician or health care practitioner for a much more personalized dietary recommendation.
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